[image of a talking parrot]
Run, run, just as fast as you can, you can't catch me, squaaawk!
I'm the gingerbread man!

[image of a gingerbread man] Arrrrr mate, did you hear that? He's singing a nursery rhyme. He's not a gingerbread man; he's a parrot!

I think he flew into that tree! C'mon let's climb up and get him!

Let's Climb

Whew--we caught him. Oh, lucky us!--he didn't eat them all--. He just stashed them here in a wee hidey-hole. Well, am I glad we climbed up here! Look at those storm clouds. They are heading our way--and fast too! We should go back to the ship and take shelter from the storm.

Be careful climbing down. That's it. Oww, I scraped my arm. I'll have to bandage it when we get back to the ship.

Which animal caught the gingerbread man in the story? Was it

a tiger  a fox   a bear

[Gingerbread man
and parrot are from Jo's World]