Pirate Silverjinks Adoptions

The Rules

1.Pirates are only adopted out to child-safe websites.

2.Please right-click and save the pirates to your own hardrive, and then upload them to your site.
if you need tips on how to save images and put them on your website, visit 'Cyberpet Netiquette at Bearjests', or visit BillyBear's HTML Help

3.You must provide a link back to my site if you wish to adopt any of my pirates.
I have created banners that you can use to link back to my site.

4.Please Sign the pirate adoption form. It is a necessary part of the adopting process, as I visit all sites.

5.You are limited to 3 pirates.
If you would like to adopt more than 3, please email me.

6.Please do not change the pirates by changing the size or the color. Please do not cut out parts of the pirates to make new ones, or use them in backgrounds or banners.
These pirates are mine, and I am only giving you permission to display them on your website the way they look now.

7.This is the only adoption center for these pirates.
Please do not create a page to let other people adopt these pirates from you.

If you have any questions concerning these rules, you can contact me by email at: