Welcome me hearties! I am Pirate Annie Silverjinks, and this is my site! If you like things like buried treasure, talking parrots, and feisty pirates you came to the right place, matey! I have all of those here! My pirate kingdom is separated into 2 sections.
The main island-with Seastar Castle- where you'll find rooms for pirate activities, pirate books, famous pirates, pirate tales and more!
The Pirate Adventure-where you can join me and my pirate crew on my ship 'the Golden Seahorse' in search of treasure and adventure!

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I hope that you enjoy your time here at Pirate Annie's site. If you have questions, great ideas to share, suggestions or comments, you can send me mail by filling out the form on this page. And I would love it if you would recommend this site to a friend! You can do that by going to the form here

Parents, I urge you to visit the Parent's Place, where I give an outline of the adventures, have flowcharts so that you can take a look at where you've been and what you may have missed, a list of what's new and more. Please take a looksie!

Help me make my site better! I have questions you can answer to help me make adjustments to my site. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, so please, take a moment to vote in my Site Survey!

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