Annie's Pirate Graphics

These are graphics that I've created for personal use. There is not alot here, but I've created them for people that liked the images on my pages and asked for ones for themselves. If you've seen an image on my site that you like (other than the ones on this page), do not take it without my permission. If you email me, I may try to make a similar image for you.

Do not add these images to graphic collections, or offer them as your own. They are © This means also that you can't make awards or backgrounds or anything else with them without my permission. They are offered for personal use as linkware. Please download my banner and place the banner on the same page as the graphic that you use. The banner is to linked to:
This is the banner

Here are the graphics. Please right click and 'save as' to save them to your computer.

Click on these backgrounds to see them on a page.