Jean Laffite

Jean Laffite was a French blacksmith that came to America and settled in New Orleans with his 2 brothers. Jean Lafitte decided that blacksmithing was not the best way to make alot of money, and settled in Barataria Bay, where would become well known as the chief who was in control of Barataria Bay, a place where other pirates brought their stolen goods to trade for money. The pirates brought the stolen goods to him, and he smuggled them into New Orleans.

Now, at the time, England was at war with America, and had taken over parts of Florida, and so Jean Laffite knew that the British Navy would be setting their sights on New Orleans next. And so it was that a British Captain tried to form an alliance with Jean Laffite and his organization. But Laffite had no love for Britain, having come from France, and having made his money on American soil, he considered himself an American. So he put off answering the British Commander, saying that he would have to get the approval of his men, and quickly sent word to the Govenor of Louisiana. The United States took their time coming to the aid of the Baratarians, for they did not believe Laffite at first. But eventually they did, and President Madison even issued a pardon to Jean Laffite and his men, so Laffite was now a National Hero!

This wasn't enough for Laffite, he wanted to continue his smuggling operation. So he set sail for the gulf of Mexico, and was never heard from again!

Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts by Frank R Stockton


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