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Hello, thank you for visiting my web site for kids. This site was created originally to promote reading. I've tried to make my site a fun place for families to visit, with an online pirate adventure, as well as a great list of pirate books for kids. Of course, there is much more to do here than that! There are over 150 webpages (70 of which are the online pirate story-in 3 parts). My site is a pirate site, with pirate themed books for kids to read or have read to them, pirate themed videos to rent, and treasure to seek. There is no blood or gore in my website. On certain pages there are polls, surveys (quiz) and a form that you and your child can participate with.

I hope you and your child enjoy my website. If you have questions or comments please contact me:

or use my quickform here

On this page are links to give you a better idea of all that you will find on this site.

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If you would like a text preview outlining the site adventures click here for the story.

Help me make my site better! I have questions you can answer to help me make adjustments to my site. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, so please, take a moment to vote in my Site Survey!

I just added printable awards for kids who read! Please check them out-I'd like to know if they are a hit/ & whether to create different ones!

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